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Tailored business support solutions


Tailored business support solutions

AVworx Ltd

UK based AV and VC specialist, with global reach, curating bespoke end to end solutions for a variety of clients from SME and corporate organisations to complex installations for the MOD, Blue Light and other public sector services.

The Review

"I can’t thank the Robus team enough for their help during a period of significant growth and all the challenges that this has created. Their weekly calls provide me with time to reflect on the tasks and objectives in hand and then prioritise and delegate any that I either don’t have sufficient time, resources or expertise for. 


Their assistance means that I feel like I have one of the team on hand at all times to react to my ever changing requirements. I call on them to manage anything from Admin and PA duties, like hotel and travel arrangements, to Business Development and Operational support with company documentation and multi million pound tender applications. 


As CEO of AVworx, I cannot express how much I value the partnership which is based on teamwork, integrity, and a desire to provide stability, and support growth, for my rapidly expanding business".

The Challenges

CEO, Dan Portman, contacted Robus Business Concierge following a recommendation from his FD, a previous client.


AVworx has been navigating their way through a period of rapid growth and in need of support, at Director level, to assist with a variety of tasks across all areas of the business. At the time of meeting, Dan was under significant pressure and needed to reduce his workload.

The Robus Solution

After an initial briefing, weekly calls were instigated to provide time for Dan to brain-dump any tasks that needed completing or goals that needed to be achieved. Off the back of these calls, a plan would be drafted to off-load and manage anything that Dan either didn't have the resource or expertise for.


An AVworx email account was set up and a shared space in Microsoft Teams was created to enable day to day support to commence. After 6 months working together, the scope of work continues to evolve to include crucial Operational and Business Development support.


The team manage anything from Admin and PA duties, like hotel and travel arrangements, to Business Development and Operational support with company documentation and multi million pound tender applications. 

The Benefits

As a CEO of an SME business, heading up a company can seem lonely, and the support of a concierge company that is client focussed, switched on, fun and versatile is invaluable.


Not only are the services cost effective and efficient, they are completely flexible to allow for the ebbs and flows of the business requirements. It has allowed projects to be tackled for which there may not have been time or resources and the proactive advice and suggestions are always appreciated.


In summary, Dan can now focus on managing the business knowing that in addition to his staff he also has the Robus team beside him to help underpin his plans for expansion and uphold his company vision and values.

70 Investments Ltd

70 Investments is a property development company, based in Brighton, with a portfolio of properties across the UK.

The Challenges

Stuart is an incredibly busy professional juggling the demands of 3 businesses.  He identified that his progress was being hampered by an aversion to all things administrative and contacted the Robus Business Concierge team for assistance.

The Robus Solution

During an initial meeting the challenges and frustrations that were distracting him from focussing on more important plans were discussed and identified.

A dashboard was created to provide visibility and the priorities and tasks for completion were captured. This dashboard is now used every week to track progress and ensure priorities are highlighted and deadlines are met.


The on-going services that Stuart’s businesses utilise include PA and VA support, bookkeeping and marketing support. 

The Review

“I am someone who runs my own businesses and, despite being good at what I do, I am hopeless at admin. In fact I have a hatred of it.

So working closely with Emma is a godsend. It’s not just that she gets a lot done for me. She is a grown up professional who I trust completely to give me advice, organise what I need to do (and yes, sometimes nag, which I need) and execute other tasks which I might not get done.”

The Benefits

The fundamental benefit is that things are getting done in a timely manner. Stuart has a team around him that can help with the day to day tasks that run alongside the weekly soundboarding sessions with Emma to discuss strategy and plans for growth.


The greatest achievement to date has been the purchase, refurbishment and preparation of 3 properties for use as serviced accommodation and rental. 


The tasks for each business are scheduled, monitored and delivered according to plan. Stuart is able to look to the future without the dreaded administrative chores weighing him down.

SBV Properties

SBV Properties is a successful property management company, based in Brighton, that has been trading since 2010. Sharon Bilsby-Vint, founder of SBV Properties, provides HMO accommodation and private rental properties to a variety of clients; employed and self employed professionals, as well as student accommodation for those starting out in their chosen field. 

The Challenges

All of the rental paperwork was being manually drafted, printed and signed which created 2 issues. The first challenge was the amount of time required to draft all of the documents to ensure all of the legal landlord requirements are adhered to. This included tenancy agreements, the deposit process and inventory documents to name but a few. This resulted in lots of emails being sent to the tenants with the various documents attached to be printed, signed, scanned and returned by email.


The second challenge was the subsequent amount of time needed with the new tenant on the moving day to go through all of the final documents for signature.


In addition to the above, the H&S certificates and documentation for each property needed reviewing to ensure they were recorded and a timeline created to track expiry dates.

The Review

“Emma is the most organised, efficient person I know and she always gets the job done 150%, she will never let you down, her timings are on point, she is totally reliable and is very ‘IT Systems’ savvy.


Robus Business Concierge have an impressive wide range of skills, their knowledge and contacts are second to none, and everything is always done with the complete understanding that confidentiality is kept at all times.


Emma and the team have helped my business become more efficient and streamlined and I will continue to work with them on all future projects. I highly recommend them!”

The Robus Solution

Working with SBV Properties, we automated the process using Docusign by templating the documents and making them editable and available for digital signature. Now all documents are held in the cloud and available for signature within minutes. Any ad-hoc documents are also channelled through the cloud-based platform to ensure consistency of document delivery as well as creating a clear audit trail.


The health and safety documentation was reviewed and recorded to ensure that all certificates and inspection requirements are monitored and flagged for renewal at the appropriate time.

The Benefits

Reducing the amount of time required to manage all of the tenancy documents created an estimated 62% time saving improvement to the process. 

Case Studies

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