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Welcome to Robus Business Concierge. 

Providing business support and process consultancy services to companies across the UK and Europe.

We understand the demands of a fast-paced world, where time is a valuable asset.

Directors of Robus Business Concierge

Female Founders

We are sisters, Emma and Becky, and we founded Robus Business Concierge in 2020 with the sole intention to help fellow business owners and entrepreneurs streamline and grow their companies. Alongside our trusted team we believe our combined experience creates a rich and diverse consultancy and support service.

We are passionate about driving change for our clients, whether that’s to reduce unmanageable workloads, devise alternative processes, create strategic plans or enable business growth and development. We relish any challenge that is presented,

Together we are a formidable team and are very proud of the business we have created!

Our Solutions


What our clients are saying...

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